हरे कृष्णा हरे कृष्णा कृष्णा कृष्णा हरे हरे। हरे रामा हरे रामा रामा रामा हरे हरे॥  


Extract from a conversation with

Sripad Aindra Prabhu on the subject matter

of his personal samadhi


(Recorded in front of the Krishna Balarama Mandir in

Sri Vrindavan-dhama, 17th February 2010)



Devotee 0: “What shall we do – I mean, like – after you’ll leave?”

Aindra Prabhu: “After I’ll leave?”

Devotee 1: “What, what?”

Devotee 0: “What shall we do with your – body?”

Devotee 1: “Oh!”

Devotee 2: “Oh – Hare Krishna!”

Devotee 1: “He already spoke about that.”

Aindra Prabhu: “Well…”

Devotee 2: “Yeah, every year.”

Devotee 0: “We have it recorded this time.”

Aindra Prabhu: “Well, I should write, I should probably write a living will. But I think that my body should be burned. But it’s not my business. But what I would – if I had my preference, I would like my body to be burned with as much Tulsi in the fire as possible, and then the ashes, along with the Tulsi-ashes, they should be put in a…”

Devotee 1: “Pot?”

Aindra Prabhu: “…in a pot, (…) and put in a samadhi, and all my Deities, more than 2,000 salagramas (…), and all my Deities, my original Nitai-Sacisuta, and Prabhupada and Bhaktisiddhanta, and my two Giriraja-asanas, and my big Gaura-Nitai, They should stay there with me in my samadhi. And someone should - I don’t know who - should take care of Them.”

(Great laughter among the devotees)

Devotee 3: “Yeah, I should to be buried with you like the Egyptians used to do.”


Devotee 1: “Is there someone who would like to take care of salagrama?”

Devotee 2: “And then if they bury you (devotee 3), who will do the puja for everybody?”

Aindra Prabhu: “I don’t – I don’t all want my Deities just to become scattered all over the world.”

Devotee 0: “Hm, all together.”

Aindra Prabhu: “Like, you know: Those are MY Deities. And I want them (…). And I want them to continue to be my Deities.”

(Aindra Prabhu is very grave)

Devotee 0: “And where should the samadhi be located?”

Aindra Prabhu: “That – who knows!”

Devotee 1: “Where the Deity will be.”

Aindra Prabhu: “They’ll probably break down this building sooner or later. (…) So we won’t be able to make a, you know, an “Aindra’s bhajana-kutir”.(...) I don’t know. If Krishna arranges it within the next twenty years or so, whenever, however long I have to live. According to, you know, my palm and according to, you know, astrology and stuff, I am supposed to live till I am eighty-two. But some person who is supposed to be having mystic powers, you know, told me that I would only be living till I am around seventy-eight, that I wouldn’t be living till I am eighty-two.”

Devotee 0: “And how old is your body now?”

Aindra Prabhu: “It’s fifty-seven this coming – birthday. So that means – what is it? Fifty-seven plus…”

Devotee 0: “Twenty years.”

Devotee 2: “Fifteen.”

Devotee 0: “Sorry.”

Devotee 1: “Twenty-one.”

Aindra Prabhu: “Fifty-seven and twenty years is seventy-seven. Twenty-one. (…) Only twenty-one years – maximum! So let’s see – I don’t know. You know, the problem is because the prices are going up so much, up and up and up. But maybe the whole world situation will change, you know, and the economy will collapse and then, I’ll be able to get something for cheap. (Laughter) I would like something that’s close to the temple. I am not so much into the idea of just being, of being stuck over in the goshala, you know, put out the pasture.” (Great laughter)

Devotee 3: “Like a little cow!”

Aindra Prabhu: “Whoop, whoop! Put out the pasture!”

(Aindra Prabhu is imitating the sound of a grass-munching cow)

Devotee 3: “You know, whoop, whoop!”


Aindra Prabhu: “Hare Krishna!”

Devotee 3: “Anyway, if they’re going to put your samadhi there, there won’t be a salagrama-temple there anyway. It’s not a suitable place for a salagrama-temple there.”

Aindra Prabhu: “No, I …”

Devotee 2: “Where?”

Devotee 3: “In goshala.

Aindra Prabhu: “No, I would wanna have some kind of a, you know…but I don’t know, I can’t be in control of what happens after it. You know…”

Devotee 3: “But you can have a (…) desire.”

Devotee 0: “Yeah, you can express!”

Aindra Prabhu: “In my will, I could do that, but you know, if I don’t have any disciples and stuff, which I probably won’t have. (…)”




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